We believe that we each of us are uniquely called by God to collide with the world around us.

A collision occurs when a stationary body is impacted by a moving force. God has called us to be moving forces in our world to impact real lives with real change for a real forever.

As a church, we believe in colliding with our community in order to change the world. We believe, at this unique junction of our church, that God has called us to three distinct causes: 1. Love Lexington, 2. Love Africa, 3. Love Church-Planting. Here’s how we will answer that call for 2012:


Love Lexington

In 2012, we have decided to partner with Bluegrass Christian Camp in Lexington. The camp is committed to impacting a new generation with the message of hope, love, and grace found in Jesus through unique programming and opportunities throughout the calendar year.

Love Africa

We are committed to spreading love to the destitute continent revolving in the darkness of hunger, disease, hopelessness, abandonment, and despair. In 2012, we will partner with Ordinary Hero, an organization determined to advocate for the millions of orphan children in Africa and to spread the hope found in Jesus. Watch this video to find out more about what Ordinary Hero is doing on the ground.

Love Planting

We believe that the most effective way to bring people to Christ is by planting new Churches. Just as Momentum is starting to be a church of second chances, we hope to start other churches in the near future to reach the lost as they did with the first churches in the New Testament. We are grateful to find our start in the gracious generosity of the Blue Grass Christian Men’s Fellowship, an organization which has planted dozens of churches over the past 50 years throughout Central Kentucky.